Jul 22, 2011

Super Junior - No Other

Super Junior - No Other chords and lyric

B: x24442
F#: 244322
G#m: 466444
E: 022100

B F# G#m E
Neo gateun saram tto eopseo juwireul dureobwado geujeo georeohdeongeol

eodiseo channi
B F# G#m
Neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun saram neo gatchi joheun ma eum
neo gatchi joheun seonmul
B F# G#m E
Neomu dahaeng iya aesseo neorel jikyeojul geu sarami baro naraseo eodiseo

B F# G#m
Na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi haengbokhan nom na gatchi unneun
geureon choegoro haengbokhan nom

B F# G#m E
Neoui ttatteuthan geu soni chagapge, chagapge shikeo isseul ttae
B F# G#m E
Neoui ganghaetdeon geu maeumi nal karopge sangcheo badasseul ttae
B F# G#m E
Naega jaba julge anajulge salmyeoshi, geugeoseuro jakeun iroman dwendamyeon johgesseo
B F# G#m E
Eonjena deo maneun geol haejugo shipeun nae mam neon da mollado dwae
B F# G#m E
Gaseumi sorichyeo marhae jayuro-un nae yeonghon
B F# G#m
Eonjena cheo-eumui imaeum euro neoreul saranghae georeo watdeon shiganboda
nameun nari deo manha

And so on....

**guitar chords is taken from Ultimate-guitar.com

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